Gonzalez & Sons

Helping customers with all their flowers needs, the Gonzalez Family has been part of The Original Los Angeles Flower Market since 1992.

Ramiro Gonzalez Sr. started his family business with the help of his wife Josefina Gonzalez not knowing that 25 years later the same business that he started will be taking over by the Gonzalez Family second generation providing the same customer service that Ramiro Gonzalez Sr. always did.

Every member of the Gonzalez Family has been involve in the business since the beginning. Sons Gustavo Gonzalez, Ramiro Gonzalez Jr. and daughters Bertha Rios, Rosalva Urbina, Maricela Acosta and later sons and daughter -in-laws Gustavo Rios, Ezequiel Urbina, Jose Acosta and Angelica Gonzalez.

Today, Gonzalez&Sons is being run by Ramiro Gonzalez Jr. and wife Angelica Gonzalez with their own sons and daughter also getting involved in the family business.

"The flower industry has changed very much since 25 years ago and the only way to stay in business was to keep up with customers demand and technology.

Today we use social media as the best convenience tool to keep customers informed, receive orders by email and answers all their questions so they can plan their events ahead of time with more informations on their hands".  

 Gonzalez&Sons Wholesale Flowers